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There is always a story behind the formation of a band name. A simple and casual teaming up of talented musicians forms a band. From a simple start, few of them rise up to a standard where the world acknowledges their talent. Few of them regret their bad naming choices at that moment. Once you attain a firm fan base changing your name is nearly impossible.

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If you are someone associated with a newly formed band and wish to name it smarter. The band name generator is the best place for you.

Whether it’s a Rock band, dance troupe, or pop singer you have an influence on the young blood of the world. Here are a few stories of the band and their name history. This will help you understand better how the band names are spontaneous and natural.

Facts about Band names
  • The famous Band “30 seconds to Mars” actually was suggested by a bassist who was inspired by a research thesis of Harvard.
  • Chvrch band name was inspired by the Church. The only difference is that the U is converted to V.
  • Steven Ellison Named his band “Flying lotus”. He once shared that the name had a lot to do with the childhood superhero and superpower fantasy.
  • Fall out Boy band name was derived from a Simpson character. Later they tried to come up with smarter names but the Fans won't admit it. So they are forever “Fall out boy”
  • The unordinary cool "The 1975" is really taken from a year referenced in beat verse scrawls of a craftsman. On the backside of the book, there were several suicidal notes all dated in the year 1975.
  • Queens of the stone age is a Rock band. The band name signifies the genre of music played. They chose the queen instead of the King because the latter sounded overly Macho.
Did you Know?

The letter b in HD 189733 b refers to the planet. It is believed to be a blue planet where it may rain glass sideways.

What is the Band name generator?

A band name generator is an online tool that will help you find super cool names for your Band. We have a large database of band names that are unique in all ways. The Site shows a few of the names in the suggestion part. Random band name works on a complex algorithm.

How to use Band name Generator

Now, using the site for the generation of is very easy. Just click on the “Generate button”. Every time you click the generate button, you will see a fresh list of suggestions.

The site has no specificity in terms of genre, so all the names appear in a single list. Names can be a highly personal choice and it might also ignite creativity to think out of the box.

The first few names are one word, the Few next consists of the combination word like Coldplay, and the last few contain “of” in-between.

Few Tips to select Band name

Band name selection can be a difficult task. But it comes very naturally in a band. Here are few tips to create a personalized Band name.

  • Choose a simple name: Complex names will confuse the audience. A simple name will be attractive and most remembered.
  • Use definite Articles. Use “The” to band names. Adding it will give an impactful edge to the names eg. The Musiq
  • Select a genre to be devoted. Selecting a particular genre can be a very beneficial idea. This will help you to have a direction of thought. Metal Band Name Generator will be a wonderful aid to select cool metal band names.
  • Don’t use foreign names. Using fancy foreign names can be very intimidating. But the name will not be easily mixed with the local population.
  • Always check its availability. It is important to check the availability of the name. The names can be checked online.
  • Have multiple group discussion sessions to finalize the group name. It is better to select a name that vibes well with the members and genre of the music.

The names listed here are absolutely free for use. Band name generator has a ton of handpicked names that will suit the genre of music you wish to play.