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The streets of Griham are dark and mysterious. It is known as the city of no lights. It is almost dusk and I am alone on the street. Most people prefer staying indoors in the shadow of the night. A fantasy city name is as nostalgic as it sounds. The above description was a small peek into the fantasy city Griham. The essential fact is that a story is connected with the place and time of the setting. It helps the readers to connect with the places they might have never been to. So, the places play an integral role in knitting up the story.

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Naming a place in the storyline is very crucial. It sets the tone and vibe of the city. City Mumbai, India reminds us of the fast-paced life whereas Darjeeling, India gives a very serene vibe. A good city name can help the audience connect with the story.

Some prefer naming cities after actual city names whereas other writers prefer to name cities out of imagination. City name generator helps you in both ways. It has a variety of name suggestions to find your City name.

Mostly all the cities have a story to share, something unique from the rest of the world. Here are a few Amazing facts about cities across the world.

  • Ever out with low battery charge in a phone. In Seoul, most of the stores have Plug points to charge phones. It is a generous way of showing their welcoming nature.
  • Traveling with a child can be a bit hectic but if it will help you have free rides? Stockholm Buses don’t charge if you travel along with a child in the stroller.
  • The famous energy drink recipe of Red Bull was created in Bangkok. The original recipe was modified for the Western population but the original recipe is still preserved in Bangkok.
  • Leaving China and Japan behind, Moscow is one of the fastest cities in the world in terms of Transportation.
  • With more vehicles and fewer people, Amsterdam has more bicycles than the people itself. The population of Amsterdam is 800000 and the total number of bicycles is 880000.

The city name generator is an Online SEO tool which aids enthusiastic writers, screenplay writers, and Game developers and creative minds to find out some amazing fantasy city names. The collection of city names is inspired by the present names of the cities. Drow city name generator provides a totally fresh and unique city name. Each name contributes a distinct vibe.


The City name generator is very simple to use. It saves a lot of time brainstorming. You can simply click on the Generate button to access a fresh list of cities every time. It is almost instantaneous as a blink of an eye.

The fantasy City name generator is known for its fast and creative suggestions. The list basically contains a bunch of suggestions. The First half are names that are inspired by the actual cities across the globe and can be used for varied purposes. The second half are names that are shorter and unique. If you are in search of Fantasy city names that can almost match any genre, it might help you.

Now, if you turn out to be unlucky and are still struggling with names here are few tips for you.


We all aspire to name our city that portrays the right character to the story plot. The setting itself defines a lot about the lifestyle, habits, myths, and traditions they follow

  • Firstly, Write down the list of characteristics of your fantasy city. Maybe you can write down the names of actual cities which resonate with the vibes.
  • Use our random city name Generator to find names. Click on Generate again to obtain a fresh list of suggestions.
  • Shortlist your name list. Review it again and again. If you fail to find one, you can still get some idea to modify existing names.
  • Share the ideas with your mentor, family, and friends to choose the city names.

Bravo! You have your creative city name.

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