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Who am I? I have to take my energy from Sun or Heat, my brain is computers, and nerves are formed from wiring. Instead of blood, fuel runs through my veins. I have sophisticated camera eyes to capture and scan data. Who Am I? – Robot.

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What is Robot?

Robots are man-made models that are programmed to perform specific tasks. They consist of Electrical and mechanical units. Mostly all the heavy-duty tasks which cannot be performed by man are done by robots. They are highly efficient, durable, and error-free. They can be used in all areas where humans have limitations. They are made with high-grade materials according to the needs.

The Robot name is derived from the Czechoslovakian origin. The name means slave. They are not always necessarily in the form of the robots we see in cartoons or human-like.

They can function for one need or a list of tasks. Unlike humans, Robots never get tired of doing the same task monotonously. The evolved Science and Technology have designed robots for a wide variety of uses ranging from Working in high radioactive zones to performing household chores.

In recent times the robots are programmed to perceive the situation and respond accordingly. They are conditioned with Artificial Intelligence. They can respond to stimuli.

Facts about Robots

The government of Japan is using 1/3 rd of the Budget on the development of “Care Robots”. They are specially programmed to take care of elderly people.

The tiniest robot is 50- 100 nm wide. These are nanorobots. These are small enough to travel through your blood vein easily.

Official citizenship of Saudi Arabia was given to robot Sophia – female Robot on 25 October 2017.

The male looking robots are known as Android and the Female looking Robots are known as Gynoid.

Have you ever played Rock paper scissors? Did you always win? Janken Robot wins all the Rock paper scissors game.

What is a robot name generator?

In the next 50 years, 60% of British citizens believe that their homes will have Robots for their daily activity. So, what is your robot name?

Still not decided? The robot name generator is an online resource to help you find the perfect names for your robotic systems. The name of our robot is inspired by the current trend of Robot names. It includes a broad range of ideas, both creative and stupid.

How does a robot name generator work?

The robot name generator is very easy to use. Just click on the Generate button to view a fresh list of names every time.

Types of the name in Robot name generator

Robot name Generator always shows a bunch of different types of bot names. The first few may have extended names. Usually, people love to have Acronym names for robots. The extended name usually defines the purpose of the Robot. Eg, Responsive Guidance Droid (RGD), Automated Education Automaton(AEA), Extraterrestial Operating Droid(EOD-1), Cybernetic Reparation Android(CRA), etc. These names can also be modified for instance Res-gui-droid for Responsive Guidance Droid and Farmdroid for Farm Field Robots.

The next few names are short. It is short sci-fi terms that can be used to name your Robots. Greek Name Generator will show you names that have Greek origins with meaning. This will help you to craft deep meaning names for Robots. E.g., Spanner, Ratchet, Prime, Led, Mig, Sterling, etc

The next set of names are random associated words which will likely end with “droid”, "Tron”, “x” etc. They can be used in sci-fi fiction works. Eg. Uvukoid, Rob Bitt, Epitrox, Spudroid, etc.

Extra Tip: Before choosing the name for the Robot name, clearly define the special characters of the robot. This will help you find a relatable name.

All the names viewed on the Robot name generator are completely free and safe to use. So, discover and use catchy names of Robots.