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Naming a Russian Child is so confusing that the name registration centers in the cities offer assistance to parents for naming their child. Russia as a country is very vast. It is known for its famous thinkers and artists. The country itself has a lot to offer. The Geographic diversity of Russia is so diverse, ranging from the Frozen coastlines, deserts to Forests and Marshes. Soviets are really advanced in their culture but their naming practices are deep-rooted in tradition.

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How do Russian Name a Child?

The Russian name in legal documents is of 3 parts: surname, First name, Patronymic. Mostly all Russian names have a connection with History. The naming is different for a Boy and Girl. As per the tradition, the Girl’s name will end in “a” or “ya” and the boy’s name will always end with a consonant.

The name and surname are the same as in the other parts of the world but how can we formulate the patronymic? This name is an inherited part which is the father’s name. Father’s name is used by adding “-ovich”/ "-evich" if the child is male or “-evna” or “-ovna” if the child is female. The ending is determined by the ending letter of Father’s name.

Let us see an example to understand deeply,

Larina Varvara Grigorievna

Larina is the Surname, Varavara is the first name and Grigorievna is the name inherited from the father. On closely looking, patronymic ends with “evna”. Which indicates that it is a girl child.

Bobrov Alexei Yegorovich

On seeing the second example, we can understand that “Bobrov” is the surname, “Alexei” is the first name and “Yegorovich” is the patronymic. Here, the name ends with “ovich” which is for the boy’s name.

The Russian names usually have great meaning. The positive virtues and aspects of life are taken as an inspiration. The trendiest name in Russia is “Alexander” and its derivatives like Alex, Alexi, etc. The name portrays great valor and reminds us of the great king who conquered the world.

Along with elaborate 3-word names they are often addressed by a diminutive or nickname. The nicknames are used by relatives and friends. It is easier than the original name itself and is called with love.

Eg. Staroverov Konstantin Svyatoslavovich is a boy who is known by the name “Kostya” among his friends and family. Reshetilova Tatiana Vsevolodovna loves when she is called by the name “Tanya”. Kostya and Tanya are nicknames or diminutive of their long names.

The richness in their naming is one aspect of Russian life. Let us see a few Russian facts that will blow your mind.

Interesting facts about Russia

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Here are some for your reference:

  • When his Vostok spacecraft finished orbiting Earth in April12,1961, the Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was the first human to fly to outer space.
  • The biggest McDonald's is in Beijing and Moscow. It has 700 seats per each unit.
  • Russia has more than 100 nationalities — Russians, Ukrainians, Tatars, Jews, Bashkirs, and so on. It makes Russia a multicultural and multinational country.
  • Russia has the largest land resources in the world, Russia is recognized as the "lungs of Europe" and the volume of carbon dioxide it utilizes is second only to the rainforests in the Amazon.
  • In Russia, there are nearly 10 million more women than men
What is a Russian Name Generator?

If you are puzzled by the naming culture of Russians. Russian name generator helps you pick perfect names for books, Games, and different kinds of projects. A Russian name generator is an online tool that works on complex algorithms and delivers you some best name suggestions.

How does it work?

The Russian name generator is simple to use. Click on the gender of your choice and then click on the “Generate” button. This will help you see a bunch of suggestion names. Some of them are mentioned with nicknames too.

Tips for generating perfect names…

Naming a character is a very important task. the character of the person is reflected in the name.

  • So, choose a name that is strong to depict strong characters. Russian name generator will help you to sort out some amazing names for your characters.
  • Don’t frame names randomly. Check if the names are actually used among the people. The unrelated name will detach the audience.
  • Don’t name the characters too complex. You can often use nicknames to address the characters.

Russian name Generator helps you stay sorted. It helps you fetch some traditionally rooted creative names for all kinds of purposes.