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Whether you love being a part of the Light side or Dark side, Star Wars will never cease to thrill you. Star Wars is a grand Space-based Opera media franchise. It was brought into existence by George Lucas. It quickly became a favourite pop culture phenomenon.

The brave characterization of characters is surprisingly awesome. Darth Vader, Boba Fett, mentor Yoda, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Rey, and so on portrays very unique qualities. George Lucas and his team did a commendable job in Picturising the characters depicted in the Trilogy.

Facts about Star Wars

Here are facts about Star Wars that will blow your mind.

  • Yoda was almost a monkey. The picturization of Yoda was planned initially using a monkey. They already had a training set for a monkey. But the plan was dropped in the subsequent discussion.
  • The last lines of Kylo Ren were recorded by Adam driver in his personal closet. Due to a sudden change in the script, the sound editor flew to Adam’s Home to record the last bit of the lines.
  • The Star War scenes could be actual war scenes. The entire barren desert scene was shot in the deserts of Tunisia. It shares a border with Libya. During the particular tenure of the shoot, there was a harsh socio-political situation in the region.
  • Did the bear hunter hunt Chewbacca? Chewbacca's character had special bodyguards in the shooting set to protect the character from people who hunt using footprints.
  • Can you communicate with a lady’s razor? Well, Qui won’s communicator device was a lady’s razor. Most of the space fiction props were unusual items.
What is a Star War name Generator?

What would be your answer if somebody asked you “What is your Star War name?” Do you have an answer? If not, Star War name Generator will help you find your special star war name. Our platform has a wide range of character names inspired by the original Star Wars characters.

How to use Star War name Generator?

The “galaxy far far away”, humanoids, aliens, and humans continue to make their own little empire in our hearts. It will be so awesome if we could come up with a Star Wars name for ourselves and even for our friends who are struggling to name themselves.

The working of Star War name Generator is readily comprehensible. Just select the gender of your choice and click on the “Generate” button. As simple as that. TO view a fresh list press on Generate again.

Star Wars Human Name Generator shows a variety of names, maybe you can name your child “Robert Skywalker” or “Solomon Forte”. Surprisingly, after the release of the movie 114 new born boys were named “Anakin Skywalker”.

If you are in search of a name for hostel room names or dorm bed names Star Wars Ship Name Generator can be an ideal place for name hunting. For instance, Flit, Fethan, Zef, Yellam, Oithus, and Itath.

Each of the names in Star Wars Planet Name Generator Has a backstory. They all are inspired by the Original Star Wars.

A random name generator can also be used to name your pets. Did you know? the very first name planned for Yoda was actually Buffy. Buffy does not radiate any of the virtues in Yoda, it is not so Yoda like name.

The very intention of this page is to help you find your perfect Star Wars name. A name that is exciting and personal. You can use these pages for varied purposes. These are completely free to use. Maybe it can find you some catchy usernames. Enjoy!